Perry Coffee Table - Ebony


The Four Hands Perry Coffee Table is a statement piece designed to bring drama and sophistication to your living space. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this exquisite coffee table features a stunning combination of materials and textures that elevate its visual appeal. The centerpiece of the table is its deep brown oak top, which is expertly cut in a captivating starburst texture. This intricate design adds depth and dimension to the table, creating a focal point that commands attention. Surrounding the top are deep ebony sides, providing a striking contrast that enhances the table's overall elegance. To accentuate its luxurious look, the Perry Coffee Table is adorned with bright brass rings encircling the top. These metallic accents add a touch of glamour and refinement, elevating the table to a true work of art. Whether placed in a contemporary living room or a traditional sitting area, the Perry Coffee Table is sure to make a bold statement in any space. Elevate your interior design with this stunning piece and create a focal point that exudes drama and sophistication.

40.00"w x 40.00"d x 15.50"h

Materials: Brass, Solid Oak

Colours: Bright Brass Clad, Ebony, Light Ebony

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