Angelou Coffee Table


You really can't beat natural materials. Give your space a polished aesthetic with the Angelou coffee table, a pure accent that's been blissed out in contemporary white marble. Constructed from refined Kailashpri white marblestone, each Angelou  table is unique with its natural patterns and striations. Ready for a close-up any day, this majestic coffee table is here to elevate interiors instantly - but please, use a coaster on this beauty.

40"W x 40"D x 12"H

Materials: Marble

Colours: White Marble

Due to the Covid-19, we are seeing longer lead times than usual.
If you have a deadline you are aiming for, we encourage you to email us prior to placing your online order. If you don’t have a tight timeline, we will provide a timeline after the order is placed. Please note that each item has a different lead-time. 

Care:  Preventive Care:

• Clean/Blot spills immediately as marble is porous and can be stained especially by acidic substances like coffee, fruit juices, wine etc. 

• Clean regularly after use with a damp cloth soaked and wrung in clean water. Avoid using cleaning solutions daily. 

• Marble is a soft stone and is subject to scratching and etching. Avoid placing cutlery, and sharp objects directly on the surface. We recommend using placemats, trivets and coasters at all times. 

• Do not use store bought all-purpose cleaners that contain acidic or alkalic components. They tend to stain and cosmetically damage the marble. Instead, use a dedicated marble cleaner for your surface. 

• We also recommend against the use of acidic natural cleaners like vinegar, lemon, ammonia or orange best cleaners. They’re very likely to stain your marble top. Annual Sealing 

• Once a year, it is recommended that you use a dedicated marble sealer. Since marble is porous, water and other liquids may seep through if the sealer coating ceases to exist. Thus, once a year it is recommended that you use a sealer coating to give your marble surface a protective layer. 

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