Stoneware Bowl with Snowman Image, 4 Styles


Start the holidays out right with these winter bowls. Each features a different snowman image. Fun for both kids and adults alike, these bowls will be a wonderful part of this winter season.

*If ordering this item online, please specify your preferred image - Snowman w/ Tophat (Top, Left), Snowman w/ Broom (Top, Right), Snowman w/ Bird (Bottom, Left) or Snowman w/ Toque (Bottom, Right).

4"dia. x 1-1/2"h

Materials: Stoneware

Colours: White and Black

Due to Covid-19, we are seeing longer lead times than usual.
If you have a deadline you are aiming for, we encourage you to email us prior to placing your online order. If you don’t have a tight timeline, we will provide an ETA after the order is placed. Please note that each item has a different lead time. 

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