Minim Designs - Preserved Orange, Peach and Red Strawflower


We are happy to carry some preserved floral arrangements by Kristina Steunenberg of Minim Designs.

Minim Designs specializes in conscious, nature-inspired florals for weddings and events throughout the Okanagan. 

Kristina, founder of Minim Designs, currently operates out of her home-based studio in Summerland, BC. The studio, though not open to the public, is set in the garden beside her cutting patch and wild, Oudolf-inspired, perennial plantings. 

Minim Designs places a high focus on being environmentally responsible and honouring our natural landscape. This means that they only work with locally grown flowers - from the cutting patch, from Okanagan farmers and supplemented by surrounding BC farmers. This also means that they work with the seasons and do their best to appreciate each type of flower while they are in season. They do not use floral foam and all their products+packaging are either compostable, recyclable or reusable. Every year they challenge themselves to make positive changes towards having a more responsible business and we hope this will have a positive effect in our industry.  

Their style and artistry seeks to honour the authentic and ephemeral beauty of nature and the seasons. Drawn to the wildness of local grasses and interesting textures, you will always find curious elements in our loose and thoughtful designs. We hope that their designs will capture you for a moment, to notice the small, beautiful details in each stem and take that with you through your day. Perhaps you will notice the wild poppies growing in the alley or the determined explosion grass growing in a cement crack and begin to search for nature’s beauty all around you.

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